FETC: Real Estate NQF Level 4

Full Qualification – 12 months

Individuals who require a FFC (Fidelity Fund Certificate) to perform within their job specifications, and who have entered the property industry after 15 July 2008, must by law - complete the Full Qualification. 

The unit standards that make up this qualification will add value to the learners understanding of the sector and functioning in the workplace. The Qualification is intended to enhance the provision of entry-level service within the Property and Real Estate industry.

How to get started

Step One:       Employment at a registered agency

You will first need to find employment with a real estate agency as prescribed by the Government in terms of the mandatory training requirement. It is important to ensure that the Principal Agent that you will be working for holds a valid FFC (Fidelity Fund Certificate).

Step Two:      Register with EAAB

You will then need to register with the EAAB for an Intern FFC. Download and complete an application form from their website Hand this in at their offices in Johannesburg or post registered mail, with a copy of your identity document; letter of employment from the agency confirming employment and signed by the principal; as well as proof of payment of R529.80.

Step Three:   Register with an Accredited Training Provider

You will now need to register with an accredited training provider to attain the SAQA ID 59097: FETC Real Estate NQF level 4.

Step Four:      Complete 12 month internship training

The curriculum content of the qualification will add value to your understanding and functioning within the real estate sector on both a theoretical and practical (workplace) level. The mandatory training requirements require the learner to complete at least 150 credits (1500 Notional hours of training).



Learning Unit 1         Analyze, evaluate and apply the real estate code of conduct and ethics


Learning Unit 2         Demonstrate knowledge of the real estate environment and various laws, rules, and regulations that impact on the real estate function


Learning Unit 3         Real Estate Practice





  1. Full programme runs over a 12 month period

·         4 Contact Sessions (2-days per Contact Session)

·         1 Compilation Session (a month before the end of the programme – to ensure all files are complete) and Final Summative Assessment on the same day

·         All training material provided at no extra cost

  1. Contact sessions are face-to-face in a classroom environment
  2. New Dimensions Training facilitator support throughout the entire learning process
  3. Formative and Summative Assessments
  4. Our training material overlaps and greatly assists the learner with the compilation and completion of the EAAB Log-Book
  5. Assessments and Internal and External Moderation to SSETA Certification